An introduction

For the last eight years I have been designing websites.

From the very beginning my focus has been not only on functionality and responsiveness (optimized for all sorts of devices, i.e. tablets and smartphones), but also on customization – the individual needs of my customers and their personalities, regardless of whether the web page being developed is intend as their personal or professional site.

My CMS of choice is WordPress, which forms the basis of forty percent of all existing websites, primarily because although it is available for free, it is still highly advanced, constantly upgraded and is a perfect tool for anyone who needs a professional website without the high cost associated with many other CMS platforms – after a quick tutorial, it is also relatively easy to edit later. Thanks to add-ons, such as plugins and templates, the result is comparable to sites designed with other professional CMS platforms.


What I offer:

The full package; designing and creating the site.
  • Installation:

    I include installation of WordPress CRM, a template, and all necessary plugins, customized to your needs.

  • Security:

    Your data is secured by using SSL certificate, antivirus software, and a firewall.

  • Mock-ups:

    I will present the whole website structure, menus, main page, and subpages.

  • Design:

    I prepare two versions of the main site for you to choose from and create the design of subpages based on your chosen version of the main page.

  • Graphics:

    I adapt your graphic content (photos, logos, icons, etc.) for the site’s design.

  • E-commerce platforms:

    I prepare the commerce platforms, according to your needs.


I designed and created all the websites I am presenting in my portfolio. However, I am not the administrator of them all, so I cannot be held responsible for their current look.

Customer Reviews:



After receiving all necessary materials, graphic components, photos, written content, and all formalities and payments, the typical deadline is two to five weeks, depending on the project complexity.


Depending on the complexity and number of subpages and e-commerce platforms.
Three months of website administration is included.
Hosting costs, motif, additional paid plugins, and other costs are not included.