Małgorzata Rawińska, the creator and executive of the visual and technical aspects of my site (or, the artist and the webmistress), impressed me with not only her reliability and high professionalism of her work, but also the level of empathy and understanding of my world and the ability to translate that into the website. Gosia, you are great, I bow to your work. Truth be told, the wish to show it to the world was the main motivation for not delaying the unveiling of the website. Considering the times, I would probably have waited with unveiling other projects…

Anna Borawska

When I was considering the ideal candidate for designing my website, I envisioned a person who would be highly original and creative, and also very professional. I wanted both a partner and a constructive critic, someone who’d understand my needs and be able to translate them into the language of the internet. And I found it all in Gosia. I highly recommend her services to everyone who want to express themselves through their website, building a cohesive and meaningful communication.

Magda Żmijewska Executive & Business Coach

Creative, funny, sharp, intriguing and absolutely unique – that’s Gosia. I have no idea how she does that, but she can pour the most creative part of her spirit into all the events and projects she invents and organizes. Want an exceptional birthday, christening party, company event? Give Gosia the reins and hold onto your hat, because you are in for a lot of surprises, and great fun is a given. She’ll do all she can — and more! — to give you the party of your dreams!
PS: I have suspicions bordering on certainty that she could easily create a four weddings and a funeral urban game…

Elżbieta Grabarczyk

Małgorzata Rawińska can design a website, the more atypical, the better. She can also organize truly inscredible events, the sort that stay with people for years. Of course, she can also create a classic website and set up a more usual party, which will still be great fun. So, if you pine for a pirate picnic, want to impress friends and customers with your corner of the World Wide Web, surprise someone with a flash mob or create a catalog of custom-made cakes, you know who to call.

Paulina Braiter

If you are looking for someone to organize a surprise party, either private, or professional, and you want a truly original and spectacular experience, then you found the right person. My fortieth birthday was truly unforgettable, not only for me, but for all participants in the urban game created especially for the occasion.
Gosia is creative, ingenious, and has a gift of engaging other people in her projects, and to top it all she loves what she’s doing. Who else could convince several serious adults to don the superhero costumes and parade them happily in the center of the city?
I wholeheartedly recommend her services!

Ewa Tomaszewicz

Behemot Media designs webpages which are a pleasure to explore. Well-layered, streamlined and efficient, and also very pretty. The designer is reliable, responsible, and trustworthy, always delivering on time.
Truly recommended!

Renata Kim

Małgorzata Rawińska is the most professional and trustworthy person I have ever met. Thanks to her, our website is not only lovely, but also clear and interesting. Małgorzata is always ready to help and has the abitily to explain complicated matters in simple terms.
She patiently answers all the silly questions — which, in our case, means most of them.
I recommend her to all.

Iza Dorobińska

Małgorzata Rawinska created a modern and intuitive website for my company, impressing me thoroughly with her speedy work, deep knowledge of WodrPress and incredible ideas. Not many can offer such expertise and efficiency, all in one package.

Maciej Józefowicz

People compliment the website, which is clear, well-designed, responsive and fast-loading on the mobile phone. My aim was for the site to be not only a commercial promo of my services, but also to have educational value, and to this end I created a ton of long, serious writings. Gosia somoehow managed to lighten them up with clever design, drawings and graphic tricks, creating precisely the effect I wanted: fun, witty, but still informative.

Anna Gawryś